VR technologies that will change the gaming future

VR technologies that will change the gaming future

Technologies wise, 2018 will be a key year in the virtual reality industry. Here are 5 upcoming VR technologies that will change the future of gaming.

The Future of VR Gaming Technology

Futuristic 5 VR technologies that will change your gaming in 2018

Many consumer devices that seem to have an answer to the unfulfilled promises made by virtual reality in the 1990s will appear on the market. This is  an exciting time for VR and the way the future of gaming will change.

GLOVEONE: The first generation of our haptic glove, will be sent to our Kickstarter backers. This version enables users to feel and touch any virtual object that they can see on their VR headset or screen. With Gloveone you can feel its shape or weight, sense all of its physical features, and even smash it!

The Virtuix Omni™ is a first-of-its-kind active virtual reality motion platform. Active VR, where your actions in the virtual world are controlled by first-person navigation like walking or running, creates an unprecedented sense of immersion that cannot be experienced sitting down. The Virtuix Omni™ lets you walk, run, sit and strafe with 360-degree freedom of movement allowing you to control your avatar without restraints.

ARAIG is a multi-sensory stimulation device; a suit that totally immerses you, the gamer, into the reality of each unique gaming world. ARAIG utilizes surround sound, sensory stimulation and manipulation to truly immerse you in their experience. Once you put ARAIG on and sync it to a transmitter, you no longer need to interact with ARAIG. From this point on ARAIG interacts with you to increase your immersion based on the situation and interactions occurring to you within that world. ARAIG makes you feel as if you are actually there in the virtual world

Striker VR: Two years ago, Striker VR demoed an early version of its haptic recoil system designed to make fake guns feel like they’re being fired while in virtual reality, a project that was initially designed for military training. Now the company is back with the Infinity v1, a working prototype of a haptic VR gun that can simulate a number of different weapons being fired.

KAT WALK is a new omni-directional treadmill for virtual reality. It has been designed to be as unrestrictive as possible giving the user 360 degrees of continuous movement within a small space. It is compatible with virtual reality headset such as Oculus Rift. With its built-in and wearable sensors, you can literally walk/run (forwards and backwards), jump, crouch and sit in the virtual world.


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