Pokemon GO Community Day get a shiny Cyndaquil

The Community Day Anniversary event will be the largest community day of Pokemon GO. Niantic will give hunters the opportunity to catch that pokemon or that shiny Cyndaquil one that escaped you at the time.

Pokemon GO launched almost a year ago the well-known community days where players are given the opportunity to catch a Pokemon on a monthly basis more easily, as well as its shiny Cyndaquil. Well to celebrate the anniversary of this idea, Niantic has created the Community Day Anniversary, by pressure from the fans, and here we will tell you all the details about this event that will allow you to collect shiny and catch all the creatures that you could not capture.

If you ran out of Dratini at the time, or with some other pokemon, then the Community Day Anniversary or anniversary of the community day will give you the best opportunity to catch all the pokemon and shiny that you missed to catch at the time. The official page of Pokemon GO Live has already published an advertisement along with an image that confirms what Niantic has prepared for this celebration: the BIGGEST, MOST IMPORTANT Community Day event so far in the history of Pokemon GO.

The community day is about to be one year old. This monthly event was announced by Niantic with great enthusiasm at the time and has become one of the most important Pokemon GO events. To celebrate its first year anniversary, there will be a special community day event that will bring together all the creatures that have been part of the event and more.

When will it be and how long will the Community Day Anniversary last?

This celebration event will last 4 whole days, and will be from November 30th to December 3rd: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, or what would be a long weekend.

What pokemon will be available during these days?

This is for sure the best part, since you did not catch that shiny that you wanted so much, or maybe because you did not learn until recently of the community days events, or even if you just entered the world of PokemonGO as a trainer; now you will have the opportunity to catch all creatures that were available in all community days already made.

What will be the bonuses?

The bonuses will include:

Double experience for each capture

Double of stardust for each capture

Reduction of distance to hatch eggs in half

Three hour baits


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